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About  MindSight

Sarah Braithwaite


MindSight offers clients the following: business coaching; life or personal coaching; training and development services; interactive workshops (corporate and public); and inspirational speaking or presentations.


MindSight is set apart from competitors in that all content and methodologies are neuroscience-based, holistic, scientific, and practical. MindSight covers broad areas/topics including cutting edge stress management tools, mental and physical health workshops; awareness around gut health and corporate wellness; mindfulness skills; leadership skills; emotional awareness; team building; and many more. 

Sarah Braithwaite, the founder of MindSight, is a qualified Business and Life Coach through Results Coaching Systems South Africa, part of the NeuroLeadership Group Global, accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Sarah completed her undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Arts in Value and Policy Studies, at Stellenbosch University in 2008, and then further completed an undergraduate major in Psychology in 2019 (Witwatersrand University).

Sarah is a certified Health Coach through the  Institute of Integrative Nutrition©, a certified Neurozone Coach, and a certified mBIT (mBraining) Coach.


Sarah has enriched her passion about understanding coaching from a brain/neuroscientific perspective. With the ever-changing field of neuroscience, Sarah stays abreast of the latest developments to incorporate into her coaching practice.

Sarah's philosophy of life stems from her belief that all people deserve to live a fully abundant life in every aspect and she is passionate about providing people with the right tools and guidance to achieve this. 


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What is coaching? 

An outcomes based facilitated process between a professional

Coach and a Coachee.

Coaching is a forward focused and actions based process. 

Coaching is not a form of therapy and a Coach is not a psychologist - why? Because unlike psychology, coaching is not primarily concerned with the past and a Coach will never give advice as he/she will ask questions to prompt your own inner solutions.


Your brain loves coming up with its own ideas and solutions, and when it does the chemicals released in your brain will prompt you to have higher levels of motivation.

Need to be convinced why Coaching is so brilliant? 

Coaching works because YOU will do the thinking, not the Coach. For the first time you will begin to see a person or situation from a completely different angle. Its that AHAH lightswitch moment that causes your whole world to shift. Its that simple. You will be able to harness your own ideas and logic and self direct  in a way that you never thought possible.
Coaching as a profession is attracting greater attention in South Africa as its growing awareness and transformational results are becoming more apparent. Become part of this growing phenomenon and experience your life and/or career taking off in a new direction. 
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