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Health Coaching

Health Coaching is an all encompassing approach with the aim of achieving overall wellness, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. ​ Health Coaching is an integrative approach to managing one's health from a 360 degree approach. Sarah is an experienced health coach and works with a diverse set of clients around achieving health goals that are sustainable and long term. Sarah's approach to health and wellness is focused around gut health as the gut plays such a vital role in our physical and mental/emotional wellness.

Cellular inflammation is the driving force behind most chronic illnesses and disease and research is revealing how these inflammatory genes can be switched on or off through lifestyle interventions.

During the health coaching series, Sarah will guide clients through the following areas:

- Nutrition and Diet

- Gut health

- Mind-Gut connection

- Inflammation management

- Stress management

- Emotional support

- Lifestyle management (sleep; exercise; stress)

- Mindfulness 

Please check out Sarah's food blog page for some inspirational and delicious healthy meals.

Auto-Immune Conditions

Sarah has a special interest working with people who have auto immune conditions. With the rising number of people being diagnosed with auto immune conditions and the lack of information and research surrounding them, has resulted in many people feeling lost and anxious in how to deal with their condition. 

Latest research is revealing the importance of the gut on overall health and its implication on inflammation. Health coaching would facilitate a process in which important areas would be addressed, in line with guidance from a functional medicine doctor. These areas would be: anti inflammatory diet; pH balance; toxicity; gut inflammation; parasites and microbiome; water quality; exercise; detoxification; sugar cravings; food intolerance and very importantly mental and emotional well being. 

Emotions play a very large role in the body's ability to maintain a healthy immune system and this would be a critical area to address with anyone suffering with auto immune conditions. 




The Neuroscience of the Mind Gut Connection Workshop:

Next date to be confirmed.

Sarah is a Neuroscience-based Mind-Gut Coach who has collaborated with Lindsay, an Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Expert Coach, to produce regular workshops on the fascinating connection between the mind and the gut. The workshop is a once off morning session from 09h15 until 13h30. 

The workshops are based on the latest scientific information around the following topics:

Gut health and the microbiome

Mindfulness and meditation practice

Inflammation management


Mental and physical wellness

The communication between the mind and gut

Emotional intelligence 

Self awareness

Neurotransmitters in the brain and gut

The aim of these workshops is to educate and inspire people around being empowered to manage their own mental and physical health. 

To book a seat and reserve your ticket please contact Sarah via this website, or email