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Blueberry Buzz | A quick, potent and yummy smoothie recipe

Imagine a delicious breakfast that's quick, easy to prepare and packed with just about your entire day's requirement of nutrients?

I LOVE smoothies, and now days everyone seems to have their favorite recipe up on a blog somewhere. But I am skepticle of most as they are packed with too many sugary fruits and not enough nutrient-dense greens.

My smoothie 'The Blueberry Buzz' is the perfect balance of nutrients and yumminess. I start most mornings with this potent meal, and love it. It keeps my skin glowing thanks to the high dosage of antioxidents, and the phytonutrients are the best medicine you can give your body. Plus is BRILLIANT brain food for those foggy-mornings.

If you don't already have a nutribullet, BUY ONE. Your digestive tract will absorb the nutrients quickly as the liquidized content is already broken down for you. Plus your empty gut will be like a clean canvas, ready to soak up the nutrients and kick start your day.


- One cup of kale leaves (de-stalked) and spinach (Substitute with broccoli or swiss chard)

- Half an avo

- 1 tablespoon of Coconut oil

- Three heaped tablespoons of double thick plain greek yoghurt (or coconut milk)

- Half a pre-frozen banana

- A handful of frozen blue berries or mixed berries

- Some mixed seeds or nuts (I throw in whatever is in my cupboard at the time)

- A 1/4 cup water

- Optional: some protein powder (I usually use whey. If you have a busy day ahead and are likely to skip lunch, then protein powder is a must!)


Throw all of the above into nutribullet cup and wiz it up until smooth.


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